ISO 9001 Certified


Tubar Material Handling Equipment is mechanical equipment used for the movement of materials, goods, waste, and products throughout the process of manufacturing and distribution. All of Tubar’s Material Handling Equipment is built with a rugged construction for strength and longevity of operations. Since 1952, Tubar has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of Material Handling Equipment that is “American Made and Brickyard Tough”

A Tubar Dumper is custom fabricated to handle a wide variety of materials and minerals such as powders, pellets, plastics, glass, rubber, paper, metals, scraps, bolts, nails, bearings, additives, chemicals, or goods like grains, meats, fruits, vegetables and much more to meet any customers' dumping requirements.

TC Series

Box Dumpers are Machines that rotate a loaded hopper with a square, rectangular, or octagonal container, to the required discharge height and dump angle of our customers.

TD Series

A drum dumper is a machine that rotates a loaded round drum to the required discharge height and angle. These dumpers utilize a single hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic power unit to dump up to 1,200 pounds and can dump up to heights of 40 feet.

THD Series

THD Series

Tubar THD Dumpers can be specifically engineered and constructed to meet your exact needs.

Slant Mast

Slant Mast Series

The Slant Mast Option is available on all of Tubar’s Box and Drum High Dump Dumpers. On a slant mast, the mast channels are slanted at an angle instead of being perpendicular to the floor.



Our hydraulic power units are built to meet the daily needs of the toughest and most demanding applications.


Shop Cranes

Tubar has been building hydraulic shop cranes for over 30 years. Each shop crane is built to meet the daily demands of moving heavy loads and objects. Their versatility and ease of operation improve productivity.



Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors are flat platform lifts that can lift the platform to single or multiple levels. These units are for lifting freight, boxes, carts, drums, etc.



The Tubar/Eureka Stackers are the perfect solution for positioning loads vertically anywhere and are suitable for compact work areas. These stackers are high performance units with capacities up to 2,000 pounds and heights up to 78 inches.

Bulk Bag Systems

Bulk Bag Systems

Tubar has developed a Standard Bulk Bag System designed to meet the growing need of Powder Bulk Material Handling.